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Welcome to 'Valentina's Couture', established in 2019.

Valentina's Couture was created in honour of my first daughter - 'Valentina'. Every outfit that I found, there was always something missing. I personally never found what I was looking for. My journey began searching for the perfect outfits. After soul searching for many months, I had finally found them; the details on these outfits were just extraordinary. I received so much love from people, telling me "I need this outfit for my daughter". It dawned on me I wasn't the only mom struggling to find the perfect outfit; the overall market just did not have the product people were looking for. That's when I created Valentina's Couture; I decided to share my passion for fashion with other fashionista's who are solely searching for the same things. Not only do we offer our wide variety of products, we also help you find specific products you are looking for, to ensure you are always satisfied. Please make sure to contact us directly if there is something you are looking for, because we promise you we will find it for you !

At Valentina's Couture We promise to only provide you and your beautiful babies with the absolute best. A sanctuary for moms to give their babies and the best that fashion has to offer.

Lots of Love; 

Caterina & Valentina